Why Startup should invest in UI UX in Mobile in 2021?

The beautiful look and feel of an application catch customers. Here we are going to discuss why Startups should invest in Mobile UI and UX in 2021.UI is the User interface, how nice the application look and UX is the User experience that is the feature provided in the application.

Most of the startups if they have any products or businesses they can definitely make a good sale through apps. Development of the apps is easy took less time, is cost-effective and has less maintenance also. A startup should always concentrate on

1. Color combination


3.Easy Dropdown

4. Easy search

5.Easy order

6.Easy Payment system etc. and overall functionality plus the performance of the app

The Development stages:

1. A market research what actually customer wants and what is already in the market and what we can provide new.

2. Prepare a workflow or Prototype of what we are going to design.

3. Design of the application with functionalities we are going to serve, Fonts, eye catchy look and feel, Flash or colorful theme etc.

4. Any promotion or discount you are offering to customers.

5. Work with professionals to get more creativity in the app. It should be as per user requirements not by personal choice.

6. Proper navigation, Slide button etc.

7. Proper user registration and user details.

8. Technology on which you going to develop your app.

9. Visual design to get a good User Interface.


It is really good for startups. It will be a great add-on to the business's success and all you need to again market your app with attractive design and outstanding features.